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November 15, 2005


"Just because you own the house doesn’t mean you can kill the tenants."

It does mean, however, that you can kick the tenants out. And you are not responsible for where they live nor how they feed themsleves after that.

Also, in the case of Egyptian Manar Maged, the doctors did indeed exercise their proclaimed authority to murder Manar’s conjoined twin, who was “in the house of” Manar herself.


The particulars of this case aside, assuming that both parties were cognizant and neither was threatening the others life, what would the Christian response be to the question - 'Can I kill this?' (in reference to the lesser half)

Actually, a better prolife response than

"Just because you own the house doesn’t mean you can kill the tenants."

would have been:

"Just because you own your farm house, doesn’t mean you can forcibly extricate your toddler from his room in the middle of a snow storm because he’s getting on your nerves.”

- cuz this is considered child abuse/neglect/abandonment.

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