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March 03, 2006


"The film [BB Mountain] made far more money in Canada than in the Great Plains or the Rocky Mountain states."

Since one of the things STR is supposed to promote is clear thinking this line from the link to Chuck Colson deserves some attention. Canada also has far more people than either of those areas of the United States hence it should be no surprise that the film did better there. Yet another warning to trust no one, suspect everyone and always check things out. Oh, that and there's a good reason why the guy is a felon and did time.

A link from Colson's article is fairly good though. It references Casablanca, one of the best films ever made. Rick and Victor are clearly liberals and the conservatives were singing 'Watch on the Rhine". The writer Howard Koch was later a victim of the blacklist.

Everyone seems to see BBM winning. I hope Good Night and Good Luck wins. It was a great film and the story is far more relevant as our nation once more slips towards fascism.

I can't understand the fuss over BB which sounds like a chick flick (of sorts) and seems to be about two guys cheating on their wives.

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