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June 17, 2008


When I think of a "bash," I think about a really exciting social gathering.

I agree. If you’re “bashing” you’re in the wrong. Period. End of story. You would never hear, “McCain was bashing organized crime", or “McCain was bashing car bombers in Iraq."

I love the English language and its nuances, but it’s our job to decipher the proper meaning. When we hear or read the word “bash” we should understand why it’s used.

You might want to add the word blast to that list. As in, "Obama blasts McCain's foreign policy"

If you're having a "blast," then you're having a good time.

"Obama and McCain had a blast at the ecumenical political bash last night."

See? It doesn't all have to be bad. :-)

When I hear the word "bash", all I can think of is, "bash in his head." Not a very positive connotation! I know of NO ONE who currently uses the word for a party or gathering, therefore there is little positive connotation to the use of it! In that context, it is outdated! (I teach high school, trust me...none of my students would know what a 'bash' is, other than to agree with my definition of the word). Words have meaning...words have power...that's why we have the Word of God....the Bible...and that is why using the words of the Bible, declaring Homosexuality an abomination in God's sight, is a 'hate crime' in some places...because words are VERY powerful!

Its amazing how many people,organizations and political parties use word tricks in their speech and in their writings. Thanks to Koukl I am able to pick up on this now.

How about "smear"? That word is used indiscriminately today. If you have said something about me that I didn't like, you smeared me.

I should think we aught to take folks who use the kinds of words mentioned here in "that way" to task for intellectual laziness. Maybe I'm seeing it all wrong...isn't that just a sign of success. Successful people don't have to "work at it", so to speak. So, maybe we should actually admire them and call this kind of word use as another marker of success.

Don't take my words above regarding success too seriously, I don't actually subscribe to this notion of success, but I can see how some might. After all, why not just apply another superficial, little thought given to the definition, word to the ever growing list of them.

When I was a young'n, we used to play a game we called "Smear the Queer." That sort of thing probably wouldn't fly these days.

So Melinda, you're a "bashing"-basher! :)

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