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September 04, 2008


>>I think one of the things about Gov. Palin that is appealing to so many people, men and women, is that she is an intelligent, capable, ambitious, beautiful woman who is feminine, comfortable being a woman.”

Yes indeed. And we all know this is precisely why she is hated as well. She’s not in lock-step with the old feminist relics - they are fuming.

The night of Hillary Clinton's speech at the DNC, the media had some fun noting the various pantsuits on offer; but really the pantsuits are an attempt to present a "male-ish" image in a male dominated field.

Sarah Palin was obviously more comfortable wearing a skirt. It was a refreshing change that this male -- who never notices much of anything anybody wears, including myself -- noticed right away.

I'm sure there are certain balances that a public servant should be allotted to help with raising a family. She said she had a cook for her family for some time before realizing that it was an unnecessary expense.

I've always seen feminism as being corrupted by the feminists. Any movement that purports to redeem a group of people by reducing and replacing their basic identity is structurally unsound, and results in a gross mistreatment of the original group. Women are not uplifted by rejecting femininity and embracing aggression, cruelty, anger, selfish ambition - the bad masculine traits. Feminism in at least the last several decades, promoting a masculine femininity, has tacitly derided the woman's natural identity traits and biological roles (mother, help-mate, nurturer), amounting to a rejection of women on a primal level.

The baby in the bathwater seems to be very well represented in Gov. Palin. This challenges anyone who has believed feminism to be what feminists claim - really an anti-feminism denying woman's natural identity in favor of the male trappings of power. The tacit vilification in modern feminism of what Palin represents is now being manifested against her publicly. As a truly feminine woman of accomplishment and success, she is the ideal that some (many) feminists despise.

For me, I've come to regard the term with some heavy reluctance, knowing all too well how it is usually presented. Palin puts a fresh face on the idea of female empowerment - one that honors traditional roles, marital submission, Biblical authority, the sanctity of life, and motherhood, and which exercises all of the natural strength and grace that a woman possesses to achieve great success and reach the heights of political power. She is a refreshing examplar of what feminism should have been all along.

Oh boy, This should be a direct hit questioning the fathers role in parenting. The reason male politicians aren't interriogated on the ability to balance work and family is because everyone assumes the wife will take care of home matters. Here we have a mom with a full plate and seriously doubt any males' competence to aide the the many aspects of "motherhood".

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