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November 17, 2008


It's really awkward when you're with your family, the subject of abortion comes up, and one of your family members has had one.

That was an incredibly moving interview, and such a tender, caring way to approach the pain of the abortion issue with a view toward incarnating the healing and acceptance of God's forgiveness.

I was also very touched by the tenderness in Greg's voice as he led the interview. I had not known of his personal closeness to the issue; my tremendous respect and admiration for him grew even greater.

We need to really promote Michaelene's efforts and others like it as well as to relentlessly educate the public about abortion. We can't depend on our government to overturn Roe v. Wade, we must put feet to our faith, lead people to the Saviour and continue to expose abortion for what it is and it won't matter if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned, because women won't get abortions.

STR, you do an excellent job in the pro-life arena, keep up the good work!!!

P.S. Remember to pray daily for the hundreds of sidewalk counselors standing outside abortion mills on a daily basis in cities all over our country. One heart, one soul at a time, we can win this battle for His glory!

Well I am probably going to get slammed for this one but the interview with Greg and Michaelene disturbed me.

My heart sunk in my stomach when I heard her essentially say that she tried Church/Jesus and it helped for a time but it didn't really solve my issues or something like that.

I felt like the church, the bible and Christ were not sufficient to deal with this issue. But we need something more. Instead of focusing on the forgiveness of Christ we need to explore our feelings. Which is not bad in itself but I never heard anything more about how Christ changes lives. It is not about getting my feelings right but about getting my relationship with Christ right. It is only Christ who can free us from our sins and guilt.

I don't think it is all bad that we suffer for the sins in our lives. I lived a life of debauchery for many years and I have serious consequences of those sins. But what do those consequences do but drive me to the cross.

I think the website is a great idea but it is void of Christ in its current state. It's all based on feelings. I know me and my feelings and they deceive me.

At the end of the interview it seemed I was listening to someone promoting a social gospel instead of the good news of Christ.

Shouldn't people feel "bad" about murder until they are forgiven by Christ? And couldn't the consequences of that sin be that I have to suffer emotionally for it?

Paul still called himself the chief of all sinners.

To Wes:

Your comments are interesting, but I think there may be a misunderstanding about what the Abortion Changes You outreach is about. It's an invitation, a starting point. It doesn't claim to be a site in place of religion or have religious answers... in fact, Michaelene suggests people seek out a pastor or priest if they seek forgiveness several times throughout her book and site. Her area of expertise is in the area of reproductive loss and grief. It's also interesting, if you read through the stories in the Explore section of the site, how many people say they received God's mercy and love, and feel forgiven by God, but have great difficulty forgiving themselves. A Web site such as abortionchangesyou.com may be able to be a helpful *part* of their healing journey - not the whole journey. We're human, and when we experience a deep loss, it's very complicated. I am so happy that Michaelene is providing a safe place for men and women.


If it is a journey it should ultimately lead to the Cross. I don't see that on her site nor did I hear that in her interview.

If we make someone feel better about their sin instead of pointing them to the true Forgiver what have we really accomplished?

I am glad God has put a conscience into our minds. I am a murder myself, I have hated people and Jesus calls that murder. I am a liar, thief, adulterer at heart. Should there be web sites for each of those sins that make me feel better about them?

God gave us those laws to know I need HIM! No amount of making someone feel better is going to solve someones real issue. We have a sin issue. Now after someone repents and believes the real healing can occur.

If I claim to be a Christian the most loving thing I can do for them is first show them their spiritual state towards God, and then give them the good news of Christ. After that we can work on making someone feel better.

If someone has committed murder then the guilt they are experiencing is GOOD, they are not completely lost yet.


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