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November 24, 2008


Same sex couples in CA have access to civil unions that give them the same privileges as any heterosexual married couple with the single exception of filing jointly on their federal income taxes (which saves them money).

They don't want "equality" -- they want the word "married."

>>They don't want "equality" -- they want the word "married."


They want to destroy the idea of "marriage."

I.e. destroy the concept.

I don't know how many homosexuals you have talked to, but the majority of the gays and lesbians that I come into contact with everyday at school are not a bunch of evil lawyers who are systematically trying to "destroy" any ideas.

Just think for a moment, for some strange reason, most parents want to have their children get married. Without much deeper thought than a gut feeling, parents get all excited over their child's marriage.

This is the level of critical thinking that most on both sides of the issue are arguing with. It is no wonder we aren't getting anything done.

The idea that marriage is supposed to be for the creation of a stable environment for children to grow up in has already been tossed out the door by the individuals who support same-sex marriage.

In a culture where sex is merely a recreational activity, where marriage is for love, and where Christianity is nothing more than another fairytale told to socialize children, we have to be more vigilant to be skilled ambassadors who are knowledgeable of the message we are sending, wise in the way we engage others, and attractive when presenting an offensive truth.

So while I would agree that the passage of Prop 8 had little effect to the lifestyle of same-sex couples, I think that we ought to engage the idea on their playing field. We should be making a case that still stands if same-sex couples DON'T get the same rights, privileges, and benefits. It is at this point that we are making a principled case. Arguing about technicalities do little good with regards to how the Christian message will be received.

As a guy I am curious if I go to a college sorority and ask to join if they are discriminating against me. Can't I just say that in the name of equality it should not matter that I do not meet the defined gender, instead they should change their definition of sorority as to not be "hateful" to me.

I say all this to be silly, but I am just blown away that we have a whole culture right now that seems to be unable to grasp that it is not discrimination when you do not meet the definition of something.

To me, I don't see how marriage is a right. It's a privilege, since it is an institution, unlike freedom of speech. And just like any institution, you will be denied if you do not meet the requirements and that is not discrimination.

Marriage was institutionalized to be between a woman and a man of any race. Not every heterosexual can get married anyway because marriage does not allow incestual couples, nor polygamous couples to get married, so gays are not the only ones affected by all this.

Again, all I see is a group of people who want to shove their lifestyles down our throats and cry victim when we don't agree with them. And the fact that that they are trying to make it look like the civil rights is sickening as a black man.

Amen Julian. I don't see marriage as a "right" in the sense that people normally talk about "rights"- like the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of eudaimonia.

Could you imagine if the government required people to fit certain requirements in order to be given an inalienable right?

Oh wait, I guess you do have to meet the requirement of having a mother who doesn't abort you in order to get that right to life...

If marriage is exactly the same as a domestic partnership, would you be willing to forfeit your heterosexual marriage and get a DP? They're exactly the same, after all, so why should it make any difference?


Who said it was “exactly” the same? I don’t think anyone here did.

Dear brothers and sisters here on STR,

I hope that it is becoming overwhelmingly obvious that proponents of same-sex marriage are reaching out to the community in ways that rival all church outreach combined. While they may not have malevolent intentions, the unintended consequences will be unbelievably difficult to reverse.

I just attended a same-sex rally for reconnaissance purposes and the foreignness of a principled objection to homosexuality is astonishing. It is almost as if we don't exist as we have been grouped together with hate/fear-filled (fill in the derogatory name).

To be honest, when I converse with many of my Christians friends in college, I feel like I am coming out of the attic. It is almost as if the views of theologians past have been tossed into the attics of their spirituality.

It is time for a "Coming Out Event" by followers of the historical Jesus of Nazareth.


"It is time for a "Coming Out Event" by followers of the historical Jesus of Nazareth."

Haha, funny you should say that becuase I had that same thought the other day. Slowly and chillingly that (your entire post) is seeming to be the reality.

Does anybody else think of the "forbid marriage" part of 1 Tim 4:

Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared, who forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.

Remember that New Testament references to "later times" and "last days" pertain to the late 60's A.D when the "end of the age" came to Israel, and the prophecies of Jesus in Matthew 24 were fulfilled.

Gays CAN NOT Produce Children.

The Equal Rights argument is an illogical fallacy.

Marriage is a biological bond between a man and a woman and society as well as religion have ordained this as such.

I also enjoy the argument that it is about 2 people that Love Each other.

Same could be said about a Brother & Sister. See how many Gays & Lesbians would support an Incest Relationship. Really makes them squirm...

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