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August 06, 2009


I've had many active GAY people tell me in confidence that homosexuality is a choice and go so far as to say don't be fooled by people who say otherwise; what to do with that? I've carried on many dialogue's with gay people and I agree that Christians should hold on respectable, open conversations with homosexuals to genuinely get to know and understand them.

I agree Chris. I to have had a male homosexual tell me that he has had both women and men and he just perferred men... I think the "born that way" excuss is just that, an excuss.

Neither of these points refute the general observation that there is a continuum of sexuality. Most people have some level of attraction to both sexes. We are not a species that displays significant sexual dimorphism, so it is not surprising that there are features in both sexes that would be attractive to any given individual. The individuals you have spoken too, may be better classified as bisexual. I will define bisexual as those whose attraction to both sexes is even enough that it motivates one to have intercourse with both. Within this spectrum, there are likely biologically determined and immutable thresholds that once an individual is past this it is of high probability that they will only engage in sex with one sex or the other. Gender roles are further enforced by socialization, which arbitrarily assigns preferences and behaviors to males and females that have nothing to do with biology or sexuality. Biological gender, sexual identification, and sexual attraction more often than not fall into the two categories we are familiar with. However, this in itself does not imply that the three are irrevocably linked. Biology is replete with examples of bet hedging, where a small fraction of a population adopts a phenotype that is different from the majority. Under certain selective conditions, this phenotype is favorable and thus its existence enhances the fitness of the population. Biology also has examples of species that switch gender under circumstances where one sex is depleted. Thus, homosexuality and transsexualism are in no way outside the realm of strategies employed by living populations to enhance the overall fitness of the population. Now you don't accept evolution as a valid framework to explain the living world, so this will likely fall on deaf ears. Just know that you are refuting a large body of observations of other animal populations, which you undoubtedly believe were created by god and should therefore be held to the same alleged moral standard that you are applying to humans.

Secondly, people are made to believe all manner of things that force them to deny aspects of themselves or reality. This is precisely what despots use to gain control of societies. For instance people in North Korea, Burma, Iran, may have been forced to accept all manner of distortions that have no relation to anything real. You would have that the fact that these people are able to convert from the view of reality that most people might hold, to that reality that is enforced by a despot proves that the despotic reality is true and just. The power of belief is a strong force to compel human behavior. Fear is also quite powerful in bending human behavior toward the desires of those wielding distortions to induce fear. Those in fear will do almost anything (under extremes: saw off body parts etc.) to escape that fear. Those who are homosexuals and devout Christians who believe that the bible establishes their sexuality as sin, undoubtedly live in fear of eternal damnation. Therefore, there would be strong compulsion to be 'cured'. Much like coerced confessions, this is in no way proof that they are no longer homosexual or that they no longer have attraction to the same sex.

==Instead of repeating the slogan that "Homosexuals can't change" over and over again...==

Proverbs 18:21

==... the people who deny that homosexuals can change should follow their own advice...they should meet a former homosexual and become friends with them. ==

The whole idea in listening to the sin nature is to deny the Godly nature.

Therefore, those who have renounced their choice to be homosexual would be a reminder to those who claim to be homosexual that they participate in an iniquity. They won't do that. It's essential to their argument, even within themselves, that they avoid this at all costs.

==Much like coerced confessions, this is in no way proof that they are no longer homosexual or that they no longer have attraction to the same sex. ==

If they claim that they cannot change back to what God made them originally -- as He made everyone else -- that is, heterosexual -- cuz, after all, He finished His work on the sixth day, and, then, the re-creation at the Cross -- and in neither case did He create anybody homosexual -- they are claiming that they are unable. Jesus came to show us that we are able. So, they deny the power of Christ.

God coerces nobody. (Deu 30:19)

God is love, and love does not coerce, except by reason, and God calls us to reason with Him. (Isaiah 1:18)

God calls, not by coercion, rather by love, to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)

Those who claim to be homosexual do not accept God's reasoning.

They want me to accept THEIR reasoning, not God's.

God calls me to accept His reasoning.

Guess whose reasoning I receive.

There is no such thing as god.

There is no such thing as god.

Posted by: Dan | August 16, 2009 at 04:01 PM
Of course there is.

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