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October 08, 2009


Alan, I've heard that some of the more extreme Muslims throughout the world inflate their statistics as an intimidation tool in their desire to spread Sharia law throughout the world. Interesting post.

In a completely different line of thought, thanks for the reminder this morning to not overlook the Muslim population in this world, as we consider evangelizing our communities and the spread of the gospel worldwide.

I suspect the numbers are inflated by those who live in Muslim countries and call themselves Muslims for the fear of the sword.

I saw this article on Wikipedia about claims to be the fastest growing religion:


After reading the article, I've started taking such claims with a grain of salt.

I don't know that the numbers matter too much. After all, does forcing people to convert under penalty of death actually count as a sincere conversion?

What matters more is what Islam teaches and what its followers do.

Considering the fact that countries such as Turkey, where people are freely allowed to leave Islam without punishment for the past 90 years yet have not or opted to become secular or just non-religious no matter the preaching to Muslims there shows you that ChristINSANITY is a failure. Moreover, majority of muslim immigrants in Europe and Western countries remain muslim, even though they are free to leave their religion, so maybe if apostasy wasn't punishable by death, muslim population would barely go down, so your arguments don't have any evidence behind it MO AND KPOLO

"ChristINSANITY"...Now, I have to admit, I have not heard that one before.

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