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September 16, 2011


What a blessed man. Don't know a thing about him...except that he is a true man. He has shown that what God has commanded matters. Robertson...on the other hand... represents all that is false and corrupt in the modern "church".

I agree with Vic's comment that Mr. McQuilken is indeed a true man!

As for Robertson, I wish he would stay silent. He's the only representation of Christianity that some people see, and he's often an embarrassment.

Pat Robertson was responding to question that began

I have a friend whose wife suffers from Alzheimer's. She doesn't even recognize him anymore...

Robert McQuilken (a wonderful man as far as I can tell) said his wife seemed to be "almost happy when with me and almost never happy when not with me".


(with apologies to the STR community)

Please, RonH, by all means, don't keep us in suspense. Remove the shroud and share with us your point?

Hunayn ibn Ishaq,
I saw your comment.


I too would like to understand what point you were trying to make with your first post. Thanks.

From what RonH quoted, the point seems to be focusing on the difference between the two situations. One wife doesn't even recognize him anymore[Robertsons case], and the man in the video is saying that his wife seems to recognize when he's near by display of "almost happy". Other than just noting it, I wouldn't want to say what RonH is making of this distinction because I just dont know.

I'm sure his point is that it's ok in the Robertson example because that wife no longer recognizes her husband, while in the other example, she is still capable of responding to some extent.

That's ridiculous, of course, since married people are commanded to love their spouses whether or not that love can be reciprocated.

Instead of openly making that argument, RonH simply posts the comparison. Why doesn't he actually make the argument? I would guess because he knows it doesn't hold water.

He doesn't make the argument because he has none. Its hard being the bad boy every now and then.

Why does anyone in the Christian community take Robertson seriously anymore? Please stop sending him money!

Unfortunately, Pat Robertson's response reflects how lightly we take our promises, pledges, and oaths. For a Christian, it also reflects how lightly we take God. If we make a pledge before the Creator of the universe; the redeemer and judge - then why do we work so hard to justify our unwillingness to fulfill our promises to one another? Why do so many walk away so easily?

The Church gives RonH plenty of reason to think that it's really more of a social club. How different are we really? Does our fruit smell any sweeter? Is it any more abundant?

Wow. God Bless that man.
Pat might want to think about retirement.

What amazes me is this: we are called to keep our vows (Matt. 5:37).

That's what makes marriage so important -- that we will not be left alone by our spouses or abandoned in our greatest time of need. Jesus had some harsh words for those who divorced for any reason.

Robertson should, echoing the previous comment, retire.

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