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April 30, 2012


Congratulations to the entire STR team! I only discovered STR a couple of years ago and have worked hard to catch up on the podcasts. I've been fortunate to get through to Greg on the program as well, and I greatly appreciate how he is so patient and gracious with all his callers, whether they agree with him or not.

I appreciate the work all of you at STR are doing. My only regret is that I came to be aware of your ministry so recently. Your work is so needed, especially in today's world where seemingly everyone - Christian or not - makes decisions and holds their views based upon mere feelings instead of clear thinking. STR has become a resource that I cannot do without. I only wish I could help financially. As soon as I ever find a job again, I will do that.

God bless you all!

19 years on and many to go! Thanks to the entire team for your work, dedication, insight and gracious engagement with our culture. You provide for the Christian community an example of ambassadorial excellence. Through your ministry you have seen great things done by God, but often what we see is just the tip of the iceberg. God has used you all to make real differences in the lives of so many! Thanks for picking the hard road and walking it so faithfully. You are in our prayers and may God continue to bless STR.

Congratulations Greg and Melinda. Your ministry has impacted my life so profoundly I think it is safe to say I would have fallen away many years ago if not for the clear thinking and outstanding resources you two( and the rest of your team) have put together. When my feelings waiver and the chips are down in my life, my well-trained mind and the clear thinking about Christianity you have mentored me in keeps me crying out, "Whom have I in heaven but you Lord?", and I know that only sound answer is Christ Jesus and to perservere with the saints.
I guess this is my 19 year anniversary with STR too. I started listening to your audio tapes - remember those things? - back in 1992 when a friend who was stationed near Hermosa Beach and went to Hope put me on to you guys and gave me your 10-part series on evolution. I literally wore them out. (Please re-issue them, even with the bad recording the content is what matters.)
Anyway, Keep up the awesome work!

Congratulations STR and a job well done! I've been listening to Greg since he started on KBRT some 23 years ago and I'm glad that I stuck with him and watched the growth. I was also glad to hear that he is friends with the guys at the White Horse Inn another one of my favorite organizations.

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