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November 15, 2012


Logos is absolutely essential. Been a user for more than 15 years. Bible College and seminary would have been much more difficult. It is an investment but one that will pay long term dividends for life. Oh yeah, the Ambassador curriculum is also great

For those of us who cannot afford the hundreds of dollars for Logos5 there is always the FREE alternative at www.e-sword.com . It has some basic search abilities and has many free commentaries, dictionaries, bible handbooks and helps, and quite a few bible versions and translations. There are also different translations and commentaries that can be added for a modest fee.

I have been using this program for years and occasionally send donations to support the effort. Check it out.

"Logos is absolutely essential."

I don't know about essential (and I know that's not what Don meant, so I'm not poking at him)...I mean I'm sure it's useful tool to those that find it helpful and easy to use, etc. But, I'll be honest, I get the feeling that 99% of the battle most people have with studying the Scriptures is actually reading them in the first place.

I think we live in a "Christian" culture that is infatuated with books about the Bible and learning what the latest best seller has to say about the path to prosperity instead of committing to studying the Scriptures themselves.

Also, I think most serious Bible study comes down to basic reading and research skills. There are a plethora of free tools on the internet, but even without the internet I think it's easily possible to do serious research and study of the Bible by just using the Scriptures themselves and maybe some basic historical research from respectable outside sources...

Bottom line, this isn't a rant against this particular piece of software or anything, but again it seems like we're always obsessed with the latest and greatest thing to "help" us understand the Scripture, when a lot of it can be solved by getting over that obsession and just reading the Scriptures and applying basic critical reading skills like any other document you would read. Remember, we have the Holy Spirit, the ultimate Bible Interpreter, indwelling us, and He is to "lead us into all truth." The Bible isn't meant to be a mystery to Believers; it's God's message and I don't think he intentionally made it difficult to understand.

Also remember that there are a multitude of Brothers and Sisters in Christ around the world that are in jail, beaten, tortured, and not even allowed access to the Bible who would be glad for even a few verses written on a napkin to treasure, let alone the latest software update from Logos...

It funny now that we have this kind of technology, the Bible is really very accessible to all. The question is, are we really going to study it even it is already in the palms of our hands?

I used Logos one time in Bible college as part of a class project. I didn't care for it, but I didn't use it long enough to figure it out. Maybe in the future I will purchase it and figure it out.

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