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November 28, 2012


Where's Advent in the Bible?

I notice every year around Christmas, str goes "advent"!

Is advent a Catholic thing?

BillyHW: Where is Christmas celebration in the Bible? :) But I've been down this road before!

Right. Neither Christmas nor Advent are taught in the Bible. It's curious to me that more and more prominent "Reformed" believers are beginning to advocate practices like Advent and Lent.

The Bible isn't in the Bible neither. Nor is the word Trinity, nor the wording that Christ is the same substance of the Father. Nor sola scriptura. Shall I go on?

There's a difference between words and phrases being in the Bible, and the concept communicated by those words and phrases being taught in the Bible.

ok, so where's the concept of the NT canon?

The criteria should be whether the books/letters agree with the teachings of the OT. There were some gospels and letters which did not meet that criteria and they weren't included.

You just described one dimension of the canonization process. There's more to it than that.

I was wondering where the concept of a fixed NT canon was in scripture. That's a rhetorical question, because it's not there.

The NT canon is about as scriptural as celebrating Christmas, Advent, Lent, or Easter. I'm not saying they're not equally normative or non-normative, but it shouldn't be curious when Christians (yes, even prominent "Reformed") rightfully claim their inheritance.

"Is advent a Catholic thing?"

Advent is observed in Protestant denominations including the Episcopal church, the Lutheran church, and the Presbyterian church. It helps keep me from burning out on "Xmas" before December 25 arrives. I attend a nondenominational church now, and I miss Advent's anticipation and preparation, and then celebrating from Christmas to Epiphany.

regardless if this is catholic or not, isn't it wonderful we share the same heritage, waiting actively as we remember Christ's coming as one of us...instead of seeking division, we should strive for unity,...

good point, not all people prepare internally for Christmas, no wonder many people lost or do not know its meaning...

God bless us all..

I have come to believe that Advent can be very powerful. Christ himself used many stories/symbols/images when he was trying to get a point across to his listeners. I grew up in a church that did not practice Advent. I was introduced to it later in my life. I wish I had been introduced to it earlier.

Hope you all have a Blessed Christmas!

So remembering Love's birth & life & death & resurrection has to morph into a catholic / protestant war too? Dad must be laughing at His kids, or crying.

Really? We're going to argue over this now? Who cares whether it's a Catholic thing or whether "Reformed" folk are doing it now. It's worshiping Christ--that should trump everything. Is it heretical? Is it wrong? No.

We Christians need to spend less time arguing with each other and more time encouraging one another in love as Jesus commanded. We rebuke and correct when it is needed. This isn't one of those times.

God bless you all and have a Happy Christmas!

It is important to set aside a time to contemplate all the varying teachings, commands and blessings in the Bible. If you do not set aside a time to do this, you are definitely going contrary to the teaching of Scripture.

The seasons of the Church Year provide Christians an opportunity and framework to do just that.

Advent is a time to remember the OT prophecies that were made of the coming of Christ, and how He fulfilled those prophecies. It is also a time to observe the proclamations of His arrival that were made during His lifetime by the likes of Simeon, Anna and John the Baptist. Finally, it is a time to anticipate His second coming.

The same sort of considerations can be raised about all the seasons of the Church Year: Epiphany, Lent, Trinity etc. Taken together, they are very useful in helping us to set aside a time to contemplate all the varying teachings, commands and blessings in the Bible.

Could we do all that another way? Of course.

Is there anything wrong with doing it this way? Of course not.


Father, please forgive us for leading our children in idolatrous worship. Forgive us for idol worship that is false and heathen in Your sight, for bringing curses on ourselves and our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great, great, grand-children.The Bible says that You are a jealous God concerning our worship. Forgive us for provoking You by following the most ancient false religion started by Nimrod, Semiramus, and Tammuz. Forgive us for rebelling against the whole Word of God and causing ourselves to be an abomination to You. forgive us for following pagan rituals and blind traditions, for not being able to break worldly habits, for our pride, ego and vanity"


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