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November 05, 2012





Justice aborted.


The Cross of Christ is just that: A moral imperative, even, a Moral Right, aborted.

Perfect Justice. Perfect Mercy. Perhaps, just perhaps, neither was aborted. I suppose it depends on which end of the Act one's vantage point lives in. He lives in more vantage points than we.

Off topic.

Perfect Mercy. Perfect Justice. Multiple Perfects coexisting side by side, in one thing. Multiple Bests.

That is the Cross.
That is the Triune.

Multiple Perfect Distincts. Three Most-Perfects, which are Distinct one from the other.

A is Perfect. And B. And C.

A is neither B nor C. B is neither A nor C. C is neither A nor B.

"Holy-Most-Perfect! Holy-Most-Perfect! Holy-Most-Perfect!"

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