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December 17, 2012


Well, I don't think Linus is to blame.

He was quoting from the King James Version.

Which reads: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Even in that version though, I think you've got the angels declaring peace and good will from God to man. But it is easier to misconstrue that than my favored NASB.

Which reads: Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.

Even here, I think you have to be careful. I think the phrase "with whom He is pleased" is descriptive, not restrictive. God is pleased with all men on account of Christ. I don't think we're to take this as a suggestion that there are some men who do not receive this blessing.

BTW, the Douay version renders it thus: Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.

Here we get a works-righteousness spin in the translation. As if the peace only goes to those men who have good will. This is how the Vulgate reads also.

But when we say "men of good will" we should hear "men of God's good will"

A little coal for the fire perhaps….wink wink…. One-Verse theology is dangerous. The problem is, when we spread our theology out wide enough to accommodate every verse we must end up with things like the Trinity. Logic tells us the statement “It is ‘both’ 1 ‘and’ 3” is a contradiction. It is, yet we cannot wholly account for it and to the outsider it smells of contradiction. Satan tells Eve the fruit is good to know good and evil, etc. Now, this is not a lie. It is the truth. (The lie is hidden beneath the truth and has to do with God's intentions for us) It is good to know good and evil. Man will know such. Yet God commands another Tree. And in fact He sends an Angel (of sorts) to prevent man from getting to that other Tree once fallen. Now if we want to accommodate every verse from the get-go we have to end up with things like the Trinity: Multiple Perfect Fronts. But how can Perfection be Perfection-s, pleural? Well, it must. How can we call this path which has led to this world as it now is, all full of evil and pain “Perfect” and “Holy” and “Willed”? Well, we must. How can we call that other path clearly provided “Perfect” and “Holy” and “Willed”? Well, we must. John chapter one fits perfectly into both. Everything is accounted for. Or, along another line of one-verse theology, we find the size of one’s bank account the whole measure of one’s soul. Are you poor? “Well! You must hidden sin in your life bruuutheerrr!” Or instead: Are you rich? “Well! You must have hidden sin in your life bruuutheerr!” All of Christendom is majoring in these sorts of fights. When we come to a verse that is odd or seemingly off a bit, I find the best way to make sense of it is to, well, first get a proper translation, and then submerge it in its own context, and then ultimately we have to accommodate it into our theology with all the other verses and if that means ending up with calling “Perfection” as being more than one very present distinct, well then His Word must take priority over “pure human logic” if needed and that leads us to things like the Trinity: it is never expressly described, and, it is a seeming contradiction (it is one ‘and’ it is three) and it accommodates and makes sense out of multiple verses, whereas if those verses should be taken in isolation we end in error. Well, actually we end with correct truth-statements but they are only Half-Correct.


I will offer here something odd in that I’ll say that a Uni-Verse Theology is detrimental and that a Multi-Verse Theology is helpful in revealing the truth to the sort of folks such as our friend Ben who cannot see beyond their own singular dimension.

For instance, I said in my last post this, “The problem is, when we spread our theology out wide enough to accommodate every verse we must end up with things like the Trinity. Logic tells us the statement “It is ‘both’ 1 ‘and’ 3” is a contradiction. [It is], yet we cannot wholly account for it and to the outsider it smells of contradiction.”

By [It is] I meant “It Exists”. The Triune God. It seems a contradiction, yet it exists. He exists. Reality is, at bottom, Triune. Ben holds to a purely Materialistic and Uni-Dimensional interpretation of All-Things and thus him and his family of folks cannot see Perfection’s Multiple Co-Existing-s. We find in Perfection that which is not Singular, but Pleural. Multiple Perfects which Co-Exist, which are Distinct, and which are Perfect. And so with Ontology’s Person-s and thus so with Will-s and so with Epistemology’s Knowing-In-Relation and By-Relation and In-Self and so on and so on in all that is ultimately real. In Eden and I suppose in just anything which God births we find the epicenter, or an epicenter, of the Triune’s myriad N-Cartesian coordinates merging into an abyss of hyperplanes which themselves traverse a singular origin wherein all vectors converge. It is the Materialistic Mathematician who speaks of his make-believe god who can create but a-world whereas the Living God creates worlds without end for water just is-wet and has never gotten wet. As Perfection is Pleural so too there just are not any Evil Trees in Eden as His Image necessitates Multiple Perfects. It is good to know good and evil, and, it is good to know life, and not just life, but life eternal. All possible worlds are found within love’s multiple volitions and in Eden and all throughout scripture we hear of Perfection’s Palindrome by which love’s necessary volitions are found to be both free and constrained. Those of Ben’s ilk cannot mathematically account for the Triune God and so cannot fathom the Created having such an Image though Power expressly Will-s such to exist and thus they cannot fathom Multiple Perfect Distincts and so see no possibility of Eden’s Multiple Doors into many Worlds all of which converge Necessarily in the Singular Heart of Love’s Passion inside of Whom we find all that is God which too we know necessarily houses God-Minus-Two. And so those of Ben’s ilk charge God with what God charges Man for they cannot fathom the Triune God’s abyss of hyperplanes emanating outward from Eden and think Him capable of but a single dimension coordinate system. Ben does not know that the Living God is the Triune God nor does he see what such a Fabric necessitates. It seems a Multi-Verse theology leaves Ben at the feet of Truth Himself, Who Pours Himself into the Created and therein glorifies it, and it therein glorifies Him.

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