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January 17, 2013


You can view the previous discussion in the comments on the original challenge.

Great insight

I guess I don't understand the hatred of homosexuality vs other sins. I think people are committing sin all the time, but through christ we are forgiven our sin. When we die, God sees Christ not us and our sins if we believe in Christ. I don't support the homosexual life style, and I put my faith in God as to their sin. I have some christian friends who are rabid about Gay people, yet they think its okay for the rich to get richer, and they have a pro-birth, but don't care about the child after that. What is the worse sin, or should they both be considered sin, and God will take care of them as only he knows people's hearts as to their faith in christ.

Also another question is where does free will come into this argument. If people have free will to sin...and free will to follow christ. How does forcing people to not committee sin fit in with God's plan? This would be on abortion. I disagree with abortion as a choice. However, I believe the women knows best if she can take care of the child. If the man, family, community will support her in her decision to take care of the child. If she doesn't feel that she can raise the child, or give the child for adoption it is her choice. Wouldn't christ forgive her sin, the mans sin, and the communities sin for not supporting her. If she believed in Christ? I see this as a failing of the church and our community by not supporting women put into these situations by men who don't want to pay child support, or who are married, or who do not want to be responsible for their acts. The women also is responsible if she doesn't take precautions or isn't married before having these relations. The focus should not be on sin as a punishment, but on the covenant of God's forgiveness through Christ who washes away our sins. He knows our struggles!

John, I doubt very much that your friends "don't care about the child after that." That charge is a political slogan that's often used against people who help others through institutions other than the government. The idea is, if you're not taking care of people through the government, then you're not taking care of them at all. But this is simply false. I hope you'll reconsider your understanding of this.

To help you see how this charge is used as a political slogan, no matter what the evidence to the contrary, I recommend listening to this short audio clip we posted on the blog.


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