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January 16, 2013


I've always wondered: how do these kind of events (marches and such) affect the debate on issues? Does a March for Life change anything? Is it effective at furthering the cause for life?

Our president has on more than one occasion demonstrated his lack of moral discernment. Not only that, but he has demonstrated an inability to self-reflect. When he makes the kinds of pronouncements as he made in this video, he demonstrates that he has no understanding that there is no moral difference between the school shootings he is so much against and the deaths of millions of the unborn children. Of course there is a numerical difference and that should have made him a lot angrier about abortions way before the school shootings got him so upset. Just how can someone be so self-deceived that he does not see his opposition of the Baby Born Alive act as being a 180 from his statements in this video? I suspect he has had help from enablers who pander to someone who has pockets full of success. Ultimately, when you live in a society which has replaced the one true god with success and prosperity, this is what you get. Not much has changed, idolatry is alive and well.

John, I think that what things like the March for Life do is to show other pro-lifers they're not alone and thereby give them the courage to stand up. It also brings attention to the issue so that it's discussed. The more discussion we have about this, the better.

You are right on Amy, and there is the the little bonus that there are very few experiences as energizing as getting in a crowd of people united in a common cause. Not to defame good movements by the term mob mentality, but a crowd can feed on itself by people encouraging, embolding, informing, and otherwise building up others around them. I noticed that most everyone in the video seemed to beam for the camera...they were glad to be seen standing for life, not just talking about it, but in action. Makes me want to get in the crowd again.

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