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May 17, 2013


Mr. Wallace,

Thank you for this. This way of thinking flies in the face of some greivous errors that often occur. The first is the claim that "the Bible can be interpreted any way you want." The implication is that therefore it can mean anything, and taking anything from it as truth is absurd. While this may be true if you are selective about the verses you choose and take them out of context, using the above method of interpretation and the "tipping points" throughtout scripture you can get a very clear picture that the Bible is definitely making many truth claims, and there are also things it is definitely not saying.

At the same time, there is the error of proclaiming things too fervently that perhaps do have multiple interpretations that are potentially legitimate.

By using the Bible to interpret itself, and looking for these "tipping points", one is protected from from these errors. Great analogy.

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