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August 27, 2013


I'm sure there a lot of good things that come out of places like Summit Ministries, but it still boils down to the need for young Christians, indeed ALL Christians, to be rooted in the Scriptures. Having attended the Summit program as a youth many years ago when Dr. Noble was there, I recall a lot talked about in terms of philosophy, science, history, etc., but I don't recall a lot talked about in the way of pointing young people to the truth of the Scriptures. I understand that that's "not the point" of such a place, if you take my meaning, but learning and immersing one's self in the theology of the Scriptures is THE best antidote I can think of to "always be ready to give a reason" and to not "be taken captive by hollow and deceptive philosophies." I think the Church in America has largely abandoned solid Scriptural teaching in favor of engaging secular humanism on terms of philosophy, science, history, politics, etc. Quite the antithesis of the "Sola Scriptura" of the Reformation...

I was unaware that Jesus had expressed an opinion on the Christian-ness of the proper way to transmit or acquire information about condom use.

The issues faces teens today are unbelievable. My heart aches to see the attrition rate of our youth to the forces of evil in the world. "v" hit the nail on the head about the necessity of truly immersing our hearts and minds in the Word--it is the power to save in a world that is perishing. Staircaseghost would do well to take heed.

"Quite the antithesis of the "Sola Scriptura" of the Reformation.."

I agree "v", and would take it steps further to note that modern day evangelicals dispense with formal worship, church membership where discipline can take place, the careful preaching of the word--a sacrament-and a means of grace, administering the Lords supper--a sacrament-and a means of grace, without which Christians are left with....their own futile efforts like those you have described.

Indeed, BradB and "v".

In a large swath of the American Church, Word and Sacrament have been tossed aside in order to pursue Pelagianistic works-righteousness (Thirty Days To Live," "Purpose Driven Life," etc.) and the chasing of emotionalistic experiences of the presence of the Holy Spirit, which often manifests itself in bizarre ways.

Thank you, Mike Westfall, for the courage to tell it like it is. I've long been in the same camp when it comes to the whole Rick Warren thing and the "emotional experience" penchant of so many in the church. People seem to yearn for drama, lights, bells, and whistles when it comes to faith--as if there is no faith unless there is some kind of "out there" experience. How easily the sheep are led...

Aren't your kids disturbed by things they see in the media? Don't they say to themselves, "That can't be right!" Don't they come to you for explanation?

If you've brought up your kids in the Word, then the media won't harm them. Yes, it will challenge them, but that's a good thing. It gives them perspective. Specifically, it teaches them that most people don't follow the Word. It teaches them that they are different from most, and that they might face social stigma for their beliefs. This is a good thing. Kids must be ready for that social stigma. They mustn't be blind-sided by it.

I must often confess my own sins of self-seeking, however subtle, to my wife. And ask forgiveness. And this same motion I must often do toward Him, toward God. Perhaps even with my child. In their observing of these motions, perspective is granted to them, our children. From there it is this: Love is the highest Ethic as Ultimate Actuality, the end of ad infinitum, is Love. From there it is easy. Dispense with whatever does not end in love. Atheism’s necessary ontological end of indifference falls by the wayside in absurdity. Any sort of Monolithic I cannot know love much less be love and is found lacking the necessary substrate of love’s two distinct-s amid I-You within love’s third distinct, e pluribus unum. The No-God’s and the various Monotheism’s in all their various forms are now found to fall short of Love necessarily and leave us with some ethic different than love and thus closer to indifference. Then, again, as always, me confessing my own shortcomings, however small, to their mother, and, me in praise of her all the day long. “You see, it is her and not me that matters most…….Your mom really is a bit of heaven here with us…..” And so too with my child: “It is you and not me…….” in various times and in various modes. This is the hard, painful, and costly sort of Love and the sort of Nth degree Logic by which our children will be brought, not to our philosophy, but to Love Himself, the Triune God. It is there we must leave them. And then pray without ceasing. We can bet their journey will not be like ours and will look, for all practical purposes, different than our journey looked/looks. But there He is, testing us. Do we trust our form, or, do we, can we, trust Him? How will we pray then? Our child will have to go through all those same motions we have……..if I ponder what my own parents don’t know about my own interior journey irrespective of what my own outward journey looked/looks like, I begin to see, perhaps, how different my child’s journey, up ahead, will be from mine. All we can do is pour out, pour in, and give unforgiving logic and unrelenting love. In the Old Testament in the dark outside it was “love as you would be loved”. Now it is the impossible: “Love them just as I love you”.

Yeah. Sure. Like I’m up to that.

But that is the way of it. He spreads His arms wide, and He pours Himself out, and He shouts, “I am the Way ~ This is the Way ~ Do it this Way”……..

A thousand times YES! Well said, scblhrm.

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