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October 08, 2013


Hmmm…I’ll give ‘er a crack…

1) If you were to die tonight, do you think you would go to Heaven?

Nope. The arguments and evidence fail to persuade there is an afterlife.

2) If you were to explain to God why He should let you into Heaven, what would you say?

I am guessing at this point, I discovered I was incorrect about my answer to question number 1. My first thought would be surprise—I would think a God would be cognizant regarding my actions and whether they conform to his criteria. But…again…presuming God is looking for me to plead my case, I would have to inquire as to the criteria. How can I plead my case if I don’t know what I was required to do?

If he says, “Keeping Kosher,” then I am screwed—I love me some bacon! If he says, “Universalism,” then I am probably OK. And there will definitely be bacon in heaven. If he says, “Keep the Five Pillars,” I am totally out of luck. Not only the bacon, but I haven’t been praying, fasting, or pilgrimaging at all.

If he says, “Earnestly seek me” I might be O.K. (although “earnest” is one of those elusive words that one never quite knows if they qualify for “earnest” enough.) If he says “Wear special underwear” I am Right Out! Probably the same for not having last rites, or believing Jesus was raised from the dead. Helping poor and widows? I have a chance. Although not prisoners as much.

Ought to be fun conversation, but it looks like my penchant for bacon will probably be my undoing.

Are You Good Enough?

So, in a word then: "no".

@DagoodS--Somehow I don't think your attempt at humor will go over any better at that time than it does now...

God will judge you based on how you judge others. If you can't even live up to your own standards...

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