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November 02, 2013


Oh my...I absolutely loved your article. It spoke so deeply to my heart and soul. What do you know? I'll be turning 50 next year, and have had a very successful career. Yet, I just can't wait to do more of what I love. Somehow it goes back to teaching, and paired with apologetics, I pray and hope that God will grant me the privilege of serving Him and others as a Christian Case Maker. Many thanks!


Love this article. I'm 34 and haven't exactly reached my "mid-point" yet, but preparation for the future is still valuable for me. I was wondering if you could offer a bit of advice. What tasks/activities in the Kingdom should occupy us post 50? I'm into apologetics & philosophy and occasionally teach now, so the thought of taking it to the "next level" later on in life seems like a no-brainer. But is that it? Are we to be confined to our local bodies and teach? I guess what I can't see what I'm doing now (Hip-Hop music) changing, but I also have no plans of rapping at 50! I appreciate any insight & advice you can offer.


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