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December 12, 2013


This is very helpful, Greg. I've long had a strong desire to minister effectively regardless of the calling. So in studying the nature of discerning calling, taking spiritual gift inventories, asking for godly advice for direction, etc. I've come across typical admonitions.

For example, one is that if one is called to preach, one will feel an undeniable urge to do so and that such is the leading of the Holy Spirit. That has always seemed to me to be a bit subjective. I've had the occasional opportunity to preach and count such a solemn honor and duty worthy of my best efforts. Some people respond well when I preach and I would be overjoyed if I knew that's what I should do.

Another example is something you mentioned here regarding feedback from others. I think it's wise to look for affirmation from godly Christians. While I get some feedback, usually I don't get much. Especially, I don't get feedback from precisely the people in a position to help me improve. That's kind of frustrating.

My gifts are diverse and can best be described by the old cliche, "jack of all, master of none." I'm particularly drawn to international missions and involve myself in various efforts as I have the money and time. But all-in-all, my efforts to fit into ministry somewhere seem more like Forrest Gump than Frodo. But if I pick one thing and stick to it, then I have no reason to expect that I will have more opportunity in that one thing than I have now. It would be great if one course of action were more obvious to pursue rather than having several courses with a small amount of success in each.

For you, it was obvious that you are a great communicator and that you should pursue something along those lines. For me, and I suggest for many people, nothing is obvious. How do you decide when nothing is obvious?

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