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December 17, 2013


In Christmas we find the only coherent prescriptive-descriptive of the greatest fact ever known, that of Immutable Love.

We find in all our suffering the peculiar business of E Pluribus Unum amid Love’s innately triune interior of Self-Other-Us in all its painful fragmentations.

Should God be, and, should He be Love, we find therein the Immutable E Pluribus Unum, the Everlasting Self-Other-Us Who just is Unity’s singularity, Who just is Love. Thereby we find no mechanism by which such a One as He could merge, fuse, with any created-other but by the Uncreated’s Own debasement, the Uncreated’s Own coming-down, His own humiliation. For, we find, by All-Sufficiency’s Pouring-Out of Love’s Immutable Self, all that is In-Sufficiency is Filled-Up, is Glorified. Self glorifies Other. That is what Love does, and such Love has done.

Timelessness and Time, Uncreated and Created, All-Sufficiency and In-Sufficiency, Word and Flesh just cannot touch but by such a Motion from Love’s Timeless Sacrifice of Self. We discover Love’s Eternally Sacrificed Self.

There is no other exchange, transaction, motion, whereby such an amalgamation of In-Sufficiency and All-Sufficiency could emerge, actualize. None. In-Sufficiency is powerless to pull God down. No. Immutable Love must come down, must by His Own humiliation, debasement, embrace His beloved, pour into His beloved.

The birth of Love, of E Pluribus Unum, of God-In-Man, of Man-In-God, is, we find, simply inevitable once we discover that God is, and, that God is Love.

There is no story on Earth that is like this one whereby we find all of Love’s topography, from A to Z, wholly, fully nuanced to the Nth degree.

If there is anything worth celebrating, and there is, it is exactly this fact of the actualization of Timeless Love within Time. Such amalgamating, such touching, such incarnating, such embracing of All-Sufficiency with In-Sufficiency just cannot be otherwise, for, God is, and, God is Love, and He Loves His beloved, who is you and I and us, in all our in-sufficiency, and thus, He ransoms us out of such liability by His Own Means, which is simply Himself. What other All-Sufficient Currency could there possibly be but Immutable Love’s Own Self? We discover that, on necessity, In-Sufficiency finds but One. In Christ we find Love’s ten thousand strong vectors seamlessly, effortlessly converging, ad infinitum.

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