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December 13, 2013


I dislike 'the incarnation' being equated with 'Christmas'. One is taught by the Bible and to be believed by all, the other is nowhere found in the Bible and apparently was not observed by any of the early Christians as recorded in the NT. Just saying.

The author of this quote does not understand that dying and rising has nothing to do with what happened to Jesus. Jesus wasn't part of some cycle of dying and rebirth. He was resurrected by God from the dead. Resurrection is bodily and it means that Jesus is now immortal; it's a two stage process whereby one lives, dies, and then is created anew by God as an eternal person. None of the ancient myths have anything to do with the stories in the gospels. I think it's a silly idea to compare them, especially since most ancient philosophers and thought processes scoffed at the idea of resurrection.

This is nitpicking, but the taxation idea has been dropped in the newer bible versions. The original text doesn't say taxation and other historical texts allude to a census for non-tax purposes.

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