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December 30, 2013


Pan-World, in all that is perceived reality, in all that is measured reality, the ontology of the Triune God just does stand to reason.

Pan-World Methodology:

The Plausibility of a TOE (Theory of Everything) comes with the ability to fully and robustly encompass, and coherently explain, Mind’s perceptions.

Methodologically, repeated demonstrations, over time, of Theism’s validations of coherence and explanatory power of perceived reality have led us to expect future demonstrations to follow similarly successful vectors. This is one of (there are others) the reliability factors of Theism, and in particular that of a Triune sort. When one’s presupposition is working methodologically, there seems to be no reason to presume another. The Theist finds no reason to change methodology, as his presuppositions just seem to work.

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