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June 03, 2014


I am so glad the issue of transgender was brought up! I've been going around and around online on that very same story about that little girl called Ryland.

The newest thing is people claiming that there's this or that study to prove transgender. (You know, from places like Wikipedia.)

I'm at a loss at this point. I knew this was accepted in adult circles. I knew it was becoming increasingly common for teens/pre-teens.

But I assumed that for TODDLERS, this would be considered fringe/extreme even among the proponents of this issue.

I was wrong. The amount of responses and vitriol leveled at me and anyone else who dared to call this what it is - child abuse - left me stunned.

I feel like most of the fight has gone out of me. How can you reason with people like this? You cannot. Everything is about feelings.


And if you dare bring in facts and logic and reason, you are called a "hater" and other things to vulgar to print here.


* too vulgar.


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