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July 11, 2014


Interesting. A long discussion about what can be done to prevent abortions, which is something everyone can agree on, yet the writer never makes one mention of the one method statistically proven to prevent abortion--contraception. What gives?

Contraception only prevents an unwanted pregnancy when it works. When it fails, as it often does, the next option many look at is abortion. You are thinking along the right path though. There actually is a 100% effective method to prevent unwanted and unplanned pregnancies- abstinence.

The CDC rates the pill as having a 9% failure rate, condoms alone are at 18%. Those aren't perfect percentages but I want the kids I know and love who may be having sex to use protection like I did to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. It's common sense.

Rates don't tell the whole story though. Right? That's static thinking.

If sexual activity increases enough as a consequence of mixed-message sex ed that there is an absolute increase in pregnancy, then the fact that you have more kids having sex at lower risk of pregnancy doesn't really help matters. Then it doesn't make common sense.

Now, I don't know whether sexual activity as a consequence of mixed-message sex ed does increase enough to result in a higher absolute number of pregnancies or not. But this point needs to be settled before any public policy becomes obvious.

We also need to decide whether the other effects of the increase in sexual activity as a consequence of mixed message sex ed are worth it, even if the absolute number of pregnancies go down.

At the core of all this is that of responsible behavior in all areas of our lives and taking ownership of the consequences of our own behavior, rather than taking actions that simply add up to two wrongs. But that requires a culture that has placed on its youngsters certain expectations from early on and that means setting the bar high enough instead of so low that it meets the lowest common denominator.

"Doing without is what America is all about."
(Anon Knee Muse)

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