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December 20, 2005


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that is a bad link. The page cannot be displayed. Now that my interest has been peaked, if this could be fixed, I would greatly appreciate it.

The link in yesterday's comments was indeed a bit tricky. But I can't replicate your problem. The link is:


(with no spaces of course - you'll have to copy and paste each line into the url section of your browser)

Or, try this:
In the blog, right-click on the "spot-on cartoon" hyperlink, left-click the "open in new window" option.

Problem solved. Turns out that the link in the original post added a few extra letters so that it configured an invalide link. Thanks to you Steve, I'm laughing over warts and carbuncles "magically" turning into babies, classic!

After some contemplation, I’m afraid I really don’t get the cartoon. Im not aware of any documentation on a wart turning into a baby. I do know of a case in which a baby turned into a wart (tumor).


Christians must remember that all our children of God, and fit into his divine plan. Just because the child may appear ugly to us, does not mean it has any less value. As Greg said:

“Slippery slope? We're sliding ladies and gentlemen. And we've gotta put the brakes on and it's a logical slippery slope. That is, we have made claim about an idea and that claim, the idea is that there are lives that are not worthy to be lived and once we say that's the case, then it's just a matter of definition. Who is it that we think is not worthy to live for the time being? And that's a relativistic thing and it's a slide down the slope and valuable human beings are sacrificed in the process.”


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