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February 23, 2006


"1. The EM, in spite of all its talk about being "for the world" and "for the church," tends to be a niche-seeking ministry to white, middle-class postmoderns."

Replace "postmoderns" with "babyboomers" and you have the current evangelical culture. I have some serious questions about EM myself, but this particular critique is not a "potential problem" unless evangelicals are willing to take on, for example, Mega-church culture more meaningfully. This is not to say that mega-churches are in-and-of-themselves bad, but they certainly are a "niche industry".

I guess part of the question comes down to: is it wrong for EM to focus on reaching a particular people group? In the same way that "all politics is local politics", doesn't the work of the church include reaching and communicating to local groups (babyboomers, postmoderns), which accomplishes the goal of the expansion of the Kingdom's borders, the aforementioned ""for the world" and "for the church"?

Or perhaps I missing something here.

God expands the Kingdom's borders, we simply honor, obey, and love Him. Preach Christ and Him crucified, follow the example of the Apostles in Acts and let God do His work. Do what is right and let God worry about numbers and worldly success.

Great article by McKnight. I've been trying myself to figure this EM thing out. I like his closing appeal, "that we listen and learn what the Spirit is saying to the church." Good advice for everyone.

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