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February 23, 2006


Ever hear of the Protest Warriors? Their purpose is to present an alternate view at protests as well as to use sarcasm and satire to mock the viewpoints others present, making it look foolish and thus unattractive. They are quite amusing to me at least.

I have a picture I downloaded somewhere of someone holding a sign up at a protest that simply reads "My arms are tired."


I was wondering. What does the Bible say happened to the earliest inhabitants when they died. Especially the very wicked. I've read over and over the same thing -- "they died and were buried". If a "hell" exists, surely you would think we could very easily go right directly to where in the Bible God gave clear warning to those who awaited a terrible fate immediately after they died. Oddly, it's simply not to be found anywhere. Adam and Eve died and were buried. Their son Cain, who was the world's first murderer, died and was buried (returned to the earth as God said he would); the earth's inhabitants at the time of the flood went through the identical process. Sodom and Gomorrah, and on and on...ad infinitum. In fact, we know that God warned the fate that awaited the person who should kill Cain would be..."seven times the punishment" of Cain's. If Cain were to be tormented for eternity, what then, is "seven X eternity"? This has been a source of endless fascination and bewilderment.

In Christian arms,

Kevin Neslund

We'd be happy to answer your question. Just send it to "questions@str.org" and someone will get back to you.

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