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February 27, 2006


“Can Christians who study systematic theology be arrogant and dogmatic? Sure”

I would add, so can not studying systematic theology. I can’t begin to explain how arrogant and dogmatic I was back in my Word-Faith Pentecostal days—I, and my name-it/claim-it compatriots, made wallowing in ignorance an art form! And we were darn proud of it!

Good point, Shawn. Especially in American evangelicalism/Pentecostalism, there is a strain of smug anti-intellectualism.

Systematics, like every other study a Christian pursues, should be an exercise in humility: recognizing there is truth and knowledge out there that we need, that we do not know yet, that represents who God is, and to which we can humbly aspire.

Melinda, our pastor has been doing a series on Systematic Theology (http://www.fbccolleyville.com)
As a member of the choir, I always get a chance to see who and how many are there. There's been more people in the pew's for this series than any other in the past year.

My church has been going through our doctrinal statement over the past 3 months and will probably go for another 2. We've been working through core, defining and debatable doctrines. Those who have had a taste have grown to love the class and in their knowledge of what we believe and, more importantly, WHY we believe it. It's been a great time for the church.

You stated,

"I've taken philosophy and theology classes on the Trinity, just focused on that one doctrine, and I find God as Trinity more mysterious than ever before precisely because I understand it better."

Actually, God is not really a mystery. But He does continuously reveal Himself to us, who are eager to dig into the Truth. Bless His name!


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