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February 14, 2006


It's interesting that this pastor was so quick to see his mistake. I think most people who take verses out of context do so with the good intentions and a heafty helping of naivete, but most aren't so quick to revise their thinking. If only it was this easy to get everyone to "never read a Bible verse."

It is especially interesting since biblical fidelity is not high on UCC radar. Maybe this pastor begins to re-examine their sermons with biblical accuracy in mind.

Perhaps it wasn't so much the pastor's fault?

What if the person that made the graphics for the website chose that verse out of their naiveté?

What is this all about? I'm sure I'm not the only person who didn't see the offending quote before it was changed.

This quote error completely falls on the shoulders of me...the webmaster. The quote was pulled from an online Bible reference out of context. When viewed purely as the words themselves, they did reach the message we were looking for...unfortunately in their full context it was nothing close.

As soon as we had this brought to our attention we removed the quote from our site. As for it being offending I apologize if it did bother anyone for that absolutely wasn't the intent.

What quote?

The banner on top of the homepage quoted Luke 4:7 (KJV).

The verse:

The context:;&version=9;

Funny stuff.

Hello Art,

Thank you for being so responsible (and responsive!) in this. I hope you weren't offended by your site being referenced -- there was no personal attack intended (if I know the people at STR at all).

Sometimes we (in the STR "sphere") get a bit jaded and think that people that make errors like yours do them intentionally and without willingness to reconsider their position. I can say that, because I find myself in that frame of mind too often.

Thank you for reminding us that many (most?) people (in general) have a strong commitment to the truth above their own opinions.


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