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April 19, 2006


Another good question is, do we really expect that a 15 year old girl is introspective enough to truly understand how she feels about abortion a mere 3 weeks afterwards? What if this does mean she can't have children later (I'm not saying its inevitable, but it is possible) and has to tell her future husband what she's done? Or what happens if her former convictions about it being murder surface again, and she is confronted with the reasons why she previously believed it was immoral to kill a human for convenience?

This letter was apparently written in 1999; I wonder what her opinion is now. And I wonder what it will be in another decade or two.

Have you read "What we can't not know". J.Budziszewski comments on exactly this sort of transformation in people when they do evil, they are compelled to justify the evil they have done because they are unwilling to repent of it.

It would be useful to go to the site there is information on birth control and a whole bunch of stories, some of which indicate the woman believes she made a mistake. The Feminist Women's Health Center actually gives a pretty balanced point of view.

The problem I have with this story is that there appears to be no content to her thought process. How did she get from murder to abortion advocacy. Just saying that she felt that it was murder and now thinks that it is O.K. would not convince me that her story has any value for others trying to deal with the issue. This story is being used to reasssure young girls concerned about killing the life growing within them!

Checking the website of the Feminist Women's Health Center may help explain. Here is their definition of abortion: "What is an abortion? An abortion is the removal of a pregnancy from your body"

This is clearly a definition designed to remove any moral consideration associated with the act and make it seem as benign as possible. As a definition it is vague and I consider it misleading.

I would be surprised if there were anyone at the FWHC that thought that abortion is a morally neutral action.

The first question that everyone considering abortion needs to answer is, what is it that is being aborted.

A pregnancy is a condition, it is not that which is being removed from your body (aborted). Although abortion could be defined as an action that interrupts a condition.

Equivocation of the word abortion can disguise what is actually happening.

Teens are in need of instruction in honest, clear, critical thinking, to prepare them for life. Unfortunately I think we have a hard time doing this as individuals, in schools and in our society generally.

The study of virtue seems to be out of style!

I also think that the emphasis on individuality has convinced many that their actions can be ethically isolated from any impact on others in society. The Supreme court sends a similar message by the Lawrence V. Texas decision.

On the theme of choice and moral decisions----------go to Ann Coulter's blog concerning the Duke rape issue. It looks like Ann may be Christian.

William, did you read all of the abortion stories. If I were a teen I could see that they might concentrate my mind on being careful.

Les, I assume Ann is a Christian and I would hope that that embarasses you.

It is the Holy Spirit's province to determine who is and is not Christian. I Sam 16:7

Nevertheless, if Ann Coulter is a Christian, she is missing a few pages out of her Bible.

Yeah, I'll bet she reads the New Living Translation!

Just came across this: It and the links therein may be of interest to some:

I checked your link and found it very unconvincing. If anyone reads through STR's offerings on the abortion issue I think that they would find Ezra Klein's arguments inadequate.

My quick observation of his argument:

"I'll argue against two conservative views about what gives fetal life its value: (1) that the fetus is an instance of human life, and (2) that the fetus has the potential to be a unique intelligent being. These views would make the fetus worthy of protection from the moment of conception."

I don't accept these propositions as being representative of the views of most of those opposed to abortion. I guess you could call them "red herrings". First, it is more accurate to say that the fetus is a distinct human being in an early stage of developement from the moment of conception. Second, the value of all human beings at any stage of development from conception (for many Christians at least) is grounded in our status as beings created in the image of God.

I encourage you to read STR's material. Any argument I could make here would be redundant and not nearly as well written.

Hi William, looks like we are going to lose this one soon. Your first point is the crux as your second doesn't apply to folks like me (no soul and hence no image).

I'm not sure about the uniqueness argument, I'll check out the STR info again.

The story of the 15 year old had a date of 1999 on it...Post Abortion syndrome can manifest 8 years or more AFTER the abortion. So seven years later, how is she doing?

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