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May 15, 2006


The theist could additionally argue against the 4th premise because it makes certain assumptions about God’s timing and methodology. Evil is currently present, meaning it was allowed and has not been eliminated at this point. It is a mistake to assume that evil will not be adequately dealt with in the future.

The 3rd premise supports this in that an unlimited omnipotent being can accomplish the elimination of evil over time if He so chooses. Instant elimination would focus on righteous judgment on the world as a whole (i.e. Noah’s flood) whereas a long-term elimination would focus on God’s mercy and patience in seeking evil mankind to turn to Him before a final judgment.

1. God exists and is omnipotent and perfectly good.
2. God’s plan will eliminate evil.
2. A perfectly good being always will eliminate evil as far as it can.
3. There are no limits to what an omnipotent being can do (or how and when).
4. Evil will no longer exist.
5. Therefore, God does exist.

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