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May 15, 2006


I dunno. There are times in the Bible when God takes the sides of people who are not in the moral right. For example, he tooks Babylon's side when they went about conquering, and he later took the Persian side. It had nothing to do with him agreeing with their morality; he was just using them to judge other nations.

If God doesn't take sides, then he would agree with that statement... and isn't that taking a side?

The suicide tactic, people... ya gotta love it.

I think the question is somewhat nonsensical to begin with. Issues between countries are rarely ever "good" vs. "evil." There is much ambiguity. The United States' dealings in the Middle East are complex and far from clearly delineated. I see no clear distinction in the Iraq war, for instance, and it is silly to presume God is on "our" side in this battle. I see egocentrism at work.

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