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June 10, 2006


i have been following this for a few days, and it really breaks my heart. it is also frustrating to hear that this girl has received an onslaught of "hate mail" from christians. of course, it is hard to know if she just perceives it as hate mail, or if christians really have been attacking her in a vicious way. i hope none of those people linked from the STR page.

if you choose to send her a message, please don't forget the value of what we have learned from STR in being gracious ambassadors. of course we, as christians, may disagree with this girl's decision and fear for the life of her child. but i think it is important to recognize that she is VERY clearly against receiving criticism at this point. people have to be ready, open, and willing to change, before they will listen anything you have to say.

i just want to encourage everyone to read her blog in entirety (from bottom to top) and PRAY for her. there are some people in this world who have been in situations similar to her, i feel that she would respond best to those who can speak from experience. please also pray that these -- who may be the kind who can "get through to her" (in a kind way) -- will have something to say to her. something appropriate, gentle, controlled, and understanding.

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