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June 27, 2006


This story infuriates me! On one hand I ask "why God"? On the other hand, it compels me to get in the trenches of this world, the murky trenches of sin and evil, and share the truth of God's gospel with anyone who will listen. More has to be made of this story and those like it. Thanks Melinda for finding it and posting it on the str blog.

The missionaries who did this are to be commended. We should not, however, believe this to be an exclusive Islamic problem (
Please note that the Dominican Republic is one of the hot spots for underage sex tourism. As I frequently get lectures on the immorality inherent in liberalism, we might have some interesting dots to connect here:,0,7843810.story?coll=orl-home-headlines

So what you're insinuating, Alan, is that Rush was in the DR to have underage sex? Honestly, get some integrity.

Rush did have Viagra with him, but that doesn't necessarily mean he was looking to have sex with underage girls. I don't think it's the normal practice of Customs officals to go thru all U.S. citizens' toilet kits--obviously they cherry pick certain people, and Rush got "profiled" due to his celebrity. Immorality is not exclusive to any political persuasion, but endemic to humans in general.

Rush was in a private plane. Given the problems we have with drug smuggling, terrorism and illegal aliens, I would assume that all private planes coming from Latin America get close scrutiny, certainly those chartered by convicted druggies.

I may be a little hard on him but my post was no different then what we have been hearing from Rush, Michael, Michael, Dennis, Hugh, Michael, Drudge, etc. for the last decade or so. Robert, since you have a problem with my post, would you let us know how you feel about the standards of the above mentioned broadcasters?

Regular folks like you all would be quite shocked at what those who have money and
power think they can get away with.

Those who think I am often unfair to the Icons of the Right should have seen Bill Bennett on MTP this morning. Crooks and Liars has the link ( scroll down to the link on Dana Priest and Bill - you will be well rewarded - ckeck out the other links also, there is an interesting one on Schaivo right below).

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