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June 25, 2006


Thanks, Steve, for such a concise description of the "dangerous Bible study method: Any use of Scripture is legitimate as long as we somehow connect the text to a true idea..."

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about concerns I have about the pastor of a certain church here in south Florida. He is a wonderful evangelist, but everytime I hear him teaching the Bible, I come away thinking "Man, that guy needs a theological education."

Now I see that's exactly what he does - his point is valid, but the scripture he uses to get there is often mangled in the process.

In doing this, is he not holding the truth of Scripture in lower regard than the truth of his sermon point, and if so, then what is he really teaching his people?

This looks like an example of a the backwards approach to preaching that seems to be so common today. A pastor has a point to make and then searches out a single verse in just the right translation to validate his point, rather than teaching a passage and expounding on the Scripture's point.

Yes. Isn't that exactly the problem that was modeled in the "Purpose Driven Life"?

Yep, and it's an unfortunate pattern that is present at a Vineyard church in Indiana which my parents attend. Nobody brings his or her Bible to the church because the Bible verses--which merely act as crutches to the sermon--are displayed on a screen. This has the added "advantage" that people no longer examine the context nor look at a more precise translation to evaluate the preacher's (usually true) message.

Indeed Eric, that is just what I was thinking. Agreed with almost every one of the conclusions in purpose driven life, but the logic and scripture used to get there was badly flawed.

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