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July 26, 2006



I agree with much of what you say. This line of reasoning has invaded many minds. It is pervasive even outside of scientific circles.

I recently read a Time article regarding Collins' theory of BioLogos (theistic evolution). I think the idea that science can answer everything plays into his adherence here as well. Kudos to Collins for coming as far as he has, but there is still more ground to cover.

There is an intersting talk given by Alister McGrath touching on science and religion "Has Science Killed God? Richard Dawkins and the Meaning of Life". Go here:

and folow the link to the lecture. It runs about an hour and a quarter.

PZ had some thoughts on Collins:

Alan, do you ever post on PZ? Reading the blog entry and the responses, there are a lot of straw men regarding the ideas of faith and religion. A number of the responses on there had the same flavor as those posted in various sources when Anthony Flew moved to a non-atheistic position. "How could anyone so smart believe something so dumb." But, I guess there is invective from participants on both sides. Oh well.

I read PZ for the science. Some of his social posts are good and others a bit over the top.

"the caller.... asserted, without reason, that everything can be answered scientifically"

"scientifically," as in 'atheistically'

Timeline of Materialism, Spontaneous Generation, and Blindwatchmaking Views

On the Origin of Life

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