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August 03, 2006


"Here's one plausible answer: For all their talk about promised cures, ESCR advocates know the problems with embryo cell treatments are legion. As a result, they're after bigger game. Indeed, throughout the scientific community, there’s a growing concern that usable cells will not be obtained unless cloned humans can be gestated well past the embryonic stage. Put simply, some researchers want to implant cloned embryos in order to harvest tissues or organs from later term fetuses—a practice known as fetus farming."

All I read here were a bunch of suppositions. One of them is above. This is the sort of thinking that motivated the lock down on Galileo.

That's not "one supposition". That's the central thesis of most of the argument, which the article goes to great pains to support. By all means claim that the support is weak (ideally support the claim); but don't selectively quote and pretend that there is no support.

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