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August 15, 2006


I met Shawn Hayes and his wife Sadora (founders of Stand for Truth) when Greg came up to the Bay Area to speak at their annual banquet a few months ago. Shawn and Sadora are really nice folks. They are working hard to establish this apologetics ministry in the Bay Area, which is about as bold as Jews for Jesus evangelizing in NYC, if you ask me... :-)

Shawn graduated from Southern Evangelical Seminary (Norm Geisler's school) a few years ago. When I mentioned my interest in apologetics, he spent a long time answering my questions about his seminary experience and even gave me a copy of Geisler's _Answering_Islam_. He's very warm and enthusiastic about contending for the faith.

If you are a believer and in striking distance of the Bay Area, I encourage you to come to this conference and support this ministry, and help Shawn and Sadora establish a beachhead in a region that desperately needs to hear the truth about Jesus.

It sounds great.

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