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August 15, 2006


How about a "What do you suppose that means?" to get the ball rolling? Like with any quote plucked out of thin air, there is no idea of context here.

"UQ #9: Can you find the unquestioned answer hidden within the quote?"

The unquestioned answer is that all answers should be questioned. Therefore, as you have done, I say, at what point do we stop questioniong? Thus would seem to go on ad finitum

Once the "unanswered question" is answered, do you question that? What about the following answer? When does it stop? This quote seems to mean that there are no answers or at least that everything should be questioned. Are we supposed to be infinitely skeptical about everything?

Vanity...vanity...all is but vanity.

I use a chest of drawers myself.

Trust no one, suspect everyone.

Ronald Reagan once said "Trust, but verify." We shouldn't just blindly accept answers given to us. Everyone is capable of error and/or deceit.

Unquestioned answer in the quote possibilities: 1) There are questions that have no answers, or at least no knowable answers; 2)that both UQs and UAs are dangerous, just to different degrees.

OK, I'll actually answer the questions.

Unanswered questions are far less dangerous than unquestioned answers.

#1: Knowledge isn't dangerous and neither are questions.
#2: Neither. It has to make some sort of sense before it can be true or false.
#3: I can explain that it doesn't make sense.
#4: I don't even know what that question meant.
#5: No, zen koans are also nonsense.
#6: That would be awesome. David Blaine eat your heart out.
#7: Absolutely
#8: Dialogue
#9: Yes, just tell me the question that the answer is answering.

This quote assumes all sources are equally untrustworthy. While the some questions might not have firm answers, others are clearly and plainly addressed in Scripture. Granted many fall somewhere inbetween. The real issue is are you predisposed to accept the existance of God and his relelation or not. If not, you have no basis to fix a foundation of Truth on.

I think the danger would vary depending on either the unquestioned answer or the unanswered question. If the answer is 2+2=4, what value can be gained by questioning it? If giving an answer would hurt someone unnecessarily, it would be better to remain silent; so, the statement is an objectice answer to a relative question; therefore, the statement is wrong.

When your friend figures this one out, ask a really tough question, "How do you throw away a garbage can"?????

I am somewhat amazed by the interpretations and perceptions given this quote. And no, I am not going to answer your questions, but I will respond with another perspective.

I hear a lot of what I call, "truth by assertion" around me. I find this is usually opinion, without factual, logical, or reasonable support or proof.

Do we believe opinion because of the force of assertion, the influence of the speaker, the color of eyes or the cut of hair?

Discernment of truth separates the wheat from the chaff, both of which grow--side-by-side--in such abundance.

It is common for folks to quote Ronald Reagan out of context. The better quote is;"It’s still trust but verify. It’s still play, but cut the cards. It’s still watch closely. And don’t be afraid to see what you see." -Jan 11, 1989

What do they MEAN by dangerous?

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