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August 05, 2006


Maybe if she had five kids she wouldn't be as bored.

Well said, RL. - SW

Huh? I think you're way overinterpreting this article. This woman says that motherhood *can be* mindbendingly dull, not that it's boring continuously. In fact, she specifically says it can also be fascinating.

BTW, I'm curious to know whether you've ever worked as a full-time parent yourself, Steve?

(Totally different subject: Don't know whether you saw, but I wrote an article on my blog about your post about the HPV vaccine. I put the link in the comments on that post.)

Every job has its boring parts; motherhood less than most. For examples my dermatologists response to my eczema and our policeman's comments on doing patrol.

The LA Times article author sets up the extremes of the totally uninvolved working mother with the mother overly-involved and invested in her children. When God and his purposes for marriage, children/parenthood and family are ignored, the result in either direction (self-centered mother or child-centered mother) becomes unhealthy for everyone: the children, the mother, the father, the marriage, and the family unit as a whole. The balance of living the Christian worldview is (surprise!) the most beneficial for all.

Karen: Have you got any evidence for that theory? My husband and I are atheists, and I wouldn't say our family was at either extreme. Our son gets a lot of time and attention, but we make time to do things we want to do as well.

Sarah: One can practice biblical principles without intending to be "Judeo-Christian" or even "religious", as you and your family appear to be doing: valuing the great worth of each individual, honoring and nourishing the marriage relationship, counting children as a great blessing and a great responsibility, respecting the social structure and value of the family unit. All these principles are supported by scripture and the biblical worldview. Others practice them because they work! I wonder how you arrived at your family/mothering values: through intuition, or example, by accident, or by thiniking through your aetheistic worldview...?

PS Sarah: Your point about being at neither extreme is exactly the point. The balanced, fully aware life is promoted by biblical principles.

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