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September 26, 2006


Here is the UUA home page in an easy to copy format and another interesting link:



I just happened across their website this morning. It just struck me that this is certainly a religion of the Politically Correct.

And in worshipping a sentiment, they are, in effect, worshipping themselves.

I have a friend that is a member of a Unitarian Universalist church that in a conversation one day was telling me about it. Like normal I started asking her questions about it like what they(She) believed and why they(She) believed it. Some would think most Christians are ill equipped to answer these questions but she had no idea on any level how to answer them. The stock answer was "you'll have to talk to my paster, he can explain it"
Well I have never had a chance to do so but she did bring me some pamphlets to read. I read them all and I am more mixed up than than when I started!
With titles like "The faith of a Unitarian Universalist Buddhist, Christian and Humanist". By definition I cant make any sense of them.
Of course being Unitarian, at best some claim Jesus was only a man with god like qualities or their over used phrase "with a spark of the devine". While the next person claims that the thought of Jesus causes "dark clouds to fill my vision.
I dont know how they did it but they have figured out a magical formula to mix oil and water. That seems to be true for them or at least true when the pamphlets were written. To them "truth is a growing,not a finihed, thing".
Then you continue to read on about how they believe in justice but get mad when when Christians claim God is just. Go figure!
Oh and I forgot being Universalists they say we all get to go to Heaven. Even if they do disrespect, curse and snub thier nose at the God thats going to let them in

re: Faithful Democrats

Their "Who We Are" says it all.

Sounds good to me:

"We are an online community of Christian Democrats – religious leaders, political leaders, writers, and regular Americans who are committed to the Gospel and the common good. We discuss, we debate, we take action. And we will make our voices heard in the 2006 election season and beyond.

We don't believe that good Christians have to be Democrats. Nor do we believe that one religion has a monopoly on faith. But we make no apologies for rooting our identity as Democrats in our faith as Christians. That is who we are. And we are eager to act on our beliefs to make the country we love a more just and compassionate place."

Remember: WWJT.

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