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November 10, 2006


Melinda - You must have been reading the Supreme Court transcripts from the cases - that's exactly how it's being argued complete with prompting by Justice Ginsberg. Justice Scalia and at times Chief Justice Roberts tend to point this out, but Justices Stevens, Souter and Ginberg seemed determined to make it a completely "safe" procedure - for the "mother". The term "mother" at this point seems completely oxymoronic, and is a overlooked "fact" in their quest for legal certitude. They can't even grace the "fetus" with acknowledgement as a "baby", but the woman is still called a "mother". Just incredible.

I still have to read the second case but the whole first transcript struck me as being completely callous, even on the part of Paul Clement. I couldn't read it through in one sitting (I got nauseous, and I don't easily get sick).

Come six months, we'll truly know where things are heading.

I like the "Daddy, can I kill this?" illustration from STR. I.e., the only question that matters is "what is it?"

If a fetus isn't a human person, then why not just grind them up into dog and cat food? If you support abortion but find this suggestion morally repulsive, then you might want to ruminate on the reason for your discomfort.

Please review this link and do a blog on it!

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