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November 10, 2006


Interesting discussion and links at Balkin's blog on the South Dakota abortion ban vote:

So here’s a question for all of us: “If people KNEW that abortion is legal for any reason up until the moment of birth, would they be less likely to say they support abortion in general?”

Unfortunately and sadly, people do not know the facts about abortion rights, laws and practices. I find your study to be informative and accurate as to how a random sample of most college aged students would respond to such questions. I would be equally interested in knowing how different populations would respond, i.e. older vs younger, conservative vs liberal. I tend to believe that the more attention that is drawn to such controversial issues as abortion, the more people do tend to become interested and active in learning about the facts. In that process of learning, I feel that people begin searching for deeper meanings about God, morality and life itself. I am curious to engage in the remaining results of your survey.

Ignorance is not bliss, but people sure do cling to it.

I once heard a woman telling somebody that abortion is only legal up to 12 weeks. I quietly picked up the phone book and opened it to the Yellow Pages ads for the two facilities in town, both of which openly advertised "abortions to 24 weeks." I said, "Not so, Susan. It's 24 weeks on demand."

Several weeks later I heard that same woman again saying that abortion is only legal up to 12 weeks.

I had a guy online once insist that the NAF and PP web sites I sent him to were "phony" because they included information on getting abortions after 12 weeks!

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