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November 13, 2006


Great work Steve.

I think that you have touched on some valid points. I think that studies and surveys can be powerful tools in assisting people to take personal inventories, identify weaknesses and make positive changes in their lives. Having some "raw" data presented with some organization and clarity is very helpful. We still must keep in mind the "source" of the data and the "presenter" of the information that is collected. I have found this survey to be very interesting.

These surveys provide further evidence why polls that attempt to gauge public opinion on abortion by asking the nebulous question, "Do you support Roe v. Wade?" are meaningless.

At such a liberal college i guess it is hard to REALLY get a good grasp of the 'average' american. But never the less, it was interesting to read the response. Thank you for letting us be part of that day.

I think abortion is just like MURDER... If your big enough to have a baby. Be big enough to raise it...

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