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November 09, 2006


The best way to reduce that number is to do what a number of crisis pregnancy centers are already doing - care for women who find themselves in a position where they would consider an abortion. If we can minister to those women, inform them of what the choices actually are, show them an ultrasound or 3-d image of their baby, and care for them when they need it most, we will be able to reduce that number dramatically.

EDUCATION is the key. This survey clearly represents that many are misinformed since less than 15 percent even knew the raw data on abortion. I include myself in that category.

We can't surpress human sexuality but we can better inform and educate people to make more appropriate decisions. The world is fastly spinning around us. It is important to consider the external factors that influence our decision making skills while relying on our spiritual selves to guide us in the right direction.

Planned Parenthood is a travesty and a danger to America.

Did you know that Planned Parenthood has increased it's annual number of abortions performed while the national average of annual abortions has gone down?

Did you know that Planned Parenthood had ceased it's mamogram programs in favor of more budget toward abortions?

Planned Parenthood is in the business - BIG business - of abortion. The more abortions the better. The easier it is for kids to get abortions, the better for Planned Parenthood's bottome line. (Yes, I say "kids" because, as we all know, here in California, 13 year olds shouldn't have to let their parents know that they are getting an abortion. They know better than their parents, right? Pfft.)

To Kelly in Maryland, Education is not the key. Christ is the key.

Without Christ and his immoveable standard of Righteousness versus Sin, one's 'spiritual selves' are subject to societal whims.

To the last (unnamed) poster, I agree that they need Christ, but it isn't reasonable to think that a woman going into a CPC for help with her unborn child is going to respond to the gospel with the same regularity as they will an ultrasound. Consider the ensuing conversation: "Hi, I need help with my unborn baby -- I think I might want an abortion." "Let's talk about Jesus."

We have a more immediate tool at our disposal, and that is general revelation. People already know that other people have intrinsic value, even if they don't follow Christ. Educating women about what exactly the "decision" revolves around (an actual living child) has been shown to be the most effective at dissuading them from taking the abortion path.

Oh yes....society has a big influence...agreed.

And I believe education is key...which by the way can be well as practical. Knowledge and learnedness will lead people in the right direction.

Paul - couldn't agree more. If you really want these women to come to Christ, love them and care for them when they feel like they have nowhere to turn. After you've educated them and helped save their child's life, you have earned the right to explain why it is you loved them so much and introduce them to the Man who has saved your life.

"Knowledge and learnedness" is what Adam and Eve pursued. Agreed?

I agree that Christ is the key. While we can use education to help these women, in the end they won't face an ultrasound machine on Judgement day. They will face the God who created them and their child. They need Jesus, and we can help them recieve Jesus by using education. But to say that education should be the first thing you talk about in a conversation with these women wouldn't be the way to go. Right?

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