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December 15, 2006


It's kabuki. Without the paint.

What I find funny is that EO has their own "Alan Aronson". His handle is Boonton. No word yet on Bizarro-Tony Montano.

I'll provide one link that I found recently, which goes to some of the discussion that we've had here about culture and "Christian living". Watch versions 1-4


OKGo isn't Christian, but hey have great videos. Another 'one take' video is the one to 'A Million Ways': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fe196bnpmY

As to what type of art: fun. :-)

I'd call it "performance art". But then, my wife says I'm a little snobbish with the label "art" (imagine the "discussions" we have in the "modern art" section of the Denver Art Museum... "is this art?" "a bunch of candles shoved into an old harp case? Anything *I* could create in an hour's time (including the trip to the antique shop and the craft store) *cannot* qualify as 'art'").

I guess it might be knocking on the door of "dance", but then you're going to have to find a different name for that thing people do after studying and laboring for years at ballet/jazz dance school.

“…so this reminds us that humans can create some wonderful art even if they are not reconciled to God”

<---- What the hell????? Treadmill Dancing reminds you of that little factoid eh? What in the name of cherubim and seraphim are you talkin’ about Willis???!!! – and people say I’m Weird!!!!!

HAH : )

Well., tis the season…

Jay Kay of Jamiroquai perhaps first popularized Treadmill Dancing in the late 90’s


But the live act was gleamed of his music video which featured moving walls – not a moving floor.


But unfortunately Jay Kay is a Jew. But maybe he can teach me to Treadmill Dance when we meet in the fires of Gehenna!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wicked! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh Tony (sigh) I can just feel the love!

That is the funniest music video I have ever seen.

What kind of art is this?

I'd have to say, interpretive dance.


It is just plain creative and I wasn't aware that they did it all live. Simply Amazing!

While we happen to be sharing what music videos we think are good, I want to recommend U2 and Green Day's "The Saints Are Coming" to everyone. It features a smart blend of spiritual/religious lyrics and visual political commentary all the while not being offensive and having a fun, high energy sound. Furthermore, it upholds a righteous cause and happened to be part of a historic moment (the rededication of the New Orleans Superdome).

I nominate it for the most truly meaningful video of the year. By the way, I go by Eikonoklastes on ITunes if you happen to purchase it their, otherwise, the video can easily be found in low quality through Google's video search for free.

"... Until the clouds unroll and you come home/ the line went/ but the shadows still remain/ since your descent/ your descent..."

Check it out.

IRON BUTTERFLY BABY - "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"!!!



Sounds like the 60's were good to Tony.

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