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December 06, 2006


"Rationality is essential to the protection of fundamental rights, like the right to free speech."

Which is protected in our Constitution. A rational approach would be to recognize that special pleading isn't a concern for fundamental rights but a merely a desire to preserve a forum for ones cause. If one stands idly by while other fundamental rights are trashed (or even supports the trashing of said rights), one shouldn't expect the juggernaut to veer to the side when ones special right is in the pathway. It is interesting that there is this hue and cry raised over the actions of a college student association in a foreign land, while the usurpations of our own government are at best ignored.

Our Constitution guarantees certain rights but not every country gives such guarantees.

The culture in the U.S. has been heading in the direction where we now have people invoking a 'right' where none exists. Further, most people on the street can't even state what a 'right' is which likely the basis some of the outlandish invocations being made.

I was wandering around and just found this comment to a post at Pandagon.

"Carleton student here. Just so people are clear (and Arianna’s been pretty good at getting to the real point of the matter - I’m an Ottawa U alum too, doing my MA at CU) the funding they are being denied amounts to $250 and the student-manages spaces are only a small part of the campus..."

Perhaps what we actually have here is a petty annoyance as opposed to the stunning denial of a fundamental right and perhaps, at some point, there is a discernment problem.

The student association is still wrong, of course.



I know that to have rational thinking we need to be able to think logically, and where do we get real logical thinking from? The Bible, John 1:1-5 the Greek word for 'the Word' in this passage is 'logos'.

Based on this, I would suggest that when evolution was accepted, the Bible became meaningless. And without higher Authority and Absolutes those in control today can tell us what rights we can have today!

If you don't like the rights you are given, what makes your opinion of disagreement more valid than mine, is the eletist view.

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