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December 14, 2006


Greg hits the bulls-eye.

I guess none of the STR Blog regulars dare give Greg a read over at Based upon comments posted at Townhall, several folks will looking specifically for more from Greg.

Hi John,

I'm not quite sure what you mean. I read the article there -- how did you come to the conclusion that "none of (us)" did?

Awesome article! I didn't realize that he was in Des Moines (I live in the area). I wish I had a chance to see him when he was out here.

Hi Paul,

The absence of any posts here at the STR blog. The usual agree, disagree, back and forth that is found with articles here was missing for a bit, unlike some topics that get hit instantly and receive a steady stream of posts.

I must admit John's comment left me wondering too. Not much to say really, a brief, but irrefutable article.

Maybe they were just allowing the back-and-forth to happen where the original article is posted.

If he had written an article about abortion or same-sex marriage, I *guarantee* there would have been some back-and-forth here. :)

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